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Raise Your Restaurant's Sustainability Game

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The word ‘sustainability’ has been dancing on our conscience for well over a decade, but never before has it been more in the spotlight than now, with the Michelin Guide serving up a powerful reminder with their recent introduction of the Green Michelin Star. While most businesses already feel a sense of moral duty to operate in an environmentally sensitive way, it seems that consumers have now cottoned on with a hefty 65% of British restaurant-goers expecting to see ethically sourced food and drink options when dining out [Source: Big Hospitality].

Look at the stats:

Is it time we acknowledged that sustainable practices have shifted from luxury to necessity? With the current industry downtime, we reckon it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to reshaping your planet-friendly efforts before the doors are flung open once more.

Keep reading for a few handy starting points...


Keep it local + seasonal

Making great use of local ingredients will not only help to support and strengthen ties with your community, suppliers and farmers, but will also have a hugely positive impact on your carbon footprint by minimising your supply chains. When sourcing your produce, prioritising seasonality will ensure you’re working with ingredients that are fresh, easily accessible and most importantly in their prime. You’ll end up with produce bursting with flavour and kudos for cutting down on waste and energy consumption. #Winning. Discover what's in season right now here.