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So Your Brand Isn't Getting The Engagement It Deserves? Here's What You Need To Do!

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Statistics showing people want brands to tell stories infographic.

Back when consumers saw brands purely as transaction points for products and services, driving loyalty was a whole lot easier, but it’s time to listen up because times have changed. Now, audiences are smart, tech-savvy and demand more from brands. People will go a long way to assess whether they can trust a brand or not, so it’s imperative that you keep an open mind and adapt to current landscapes to create and sustain strong relationships with your audiences. Promotional ads and robotic communication of your ‘services’ will only lead to a skeptical and disengaged online community, primarily because this approach lacks substance and originality.

The solution? Brands need to start telling their stories.

Narratives create an authentic and unique experience for the consumer, which will help build trust and fans who are intrigued by and invested in your journey. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, hence why storytelling is the most promising way to start building connections which will form uncompromising loyalty. Whilst you begin to rack your brains about how your own company can develop an engaged fanbase, let us show you exactly how crucial a story is towards creating a loyal following.

Infographic showing why consumers are receptive to emotive stories.

Storytelling is the art of exuding a brand’s personality in the most human and meaningful way to spark an emotional connection with the world. By using these deeper and more humanistic methods of communication, you’re far more likely to inspire your audience and provide them with value to enhance their own lives. Storytelling is crucial because bringing context, sophistication and conviction to your brand gives your audience a strong platform from which to build an emotional relationship with you. Brands that establish themselves without sharing an authentic and engaging story - focusing only on the ‘what’ without the ‘why’ - will only attract superficial customers rather than fans. While these audiences may be willing to make a purchase, they’re unlikely to interact with your content on a deep level, commit to any long-term relationship with you or share the word with others to introduce new business further down the line.

We’re here to get to the bottom of what your audience really want, and outline the easy and effective steps you can take to get them back onside.

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