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4 Ways To Keep Your Restaurant Alive Through Another Lockdown

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Front of house service staff preparing dining tables at London Michelin star restaurant.

Hospitality: the industry of evolution, innovation, and change.

One that satisfies the core needs of human existence (if we’re being philosophical),

directly impacts the economic health of every postcode (feel free to fact check us on that), and one that’s still facing one hell of a challenge: 'The Rona’.

Amidst the closing, re-opening and closing again, we’ve been inspired by the industry’s quick-witted, rapid approach to shift their business models and create new streams of revenue to keep the wheels turning for their restaurants and brands. After all, they say ‘necessity is the mother of innovation.’

Faced with continuously unclear government guidance for our industry, it looks like it's time to explore other opportunities to keep business ticking over in the case of future closure. Keep reading for some inspiration.


With Zoom being the saviour of connection, chefs can now offer their gastronomy knowledge in more ways than just a memorable meal. Private masterclasses delivered by the chefs themselves in both group and private settings have had massive success, and with good reason. As yet another way to connect with their clients and fans, chefs are taking the opportunity to broaden their income outlets and make a footprint on the newly innovated digital approach to hospitality while humanising the experience with their personal presence.

Where to learn a thing or two:

- Alice Waters, ‘The Art of Home Cooking’

- Thomas Keller, ‘Cooking Techniques I: Vegetables, Pasta, and Eggs’ +

- ‘Cooking Techniques II: Meats, Stocks, and Sauces’

- Massimo Bottura, ‘Modern Italian Cooking’

- Dominique Ansel, ‘French Pastry Fundamentals’

- Gordon Ramsay, ‘Cooking I’

- Wolfgang Puck, ‘Cooking’

- Gabriela Camara, ‘Mexican Cooking’

Along with many other platforms including 'Cheflix', 'Yes Chef' and 'Feast It'.

E-Commerce + Merchandising

Restaurant Story branded merchandise on dining table in London. Photography by Food Story Media.

An old concept that’s been

re-invigorated and utilised more than ever before by restaurants over the last couple of years. With branding and merchandising going hand-in-hand, restaurants that adequately invested in their branding are taking things to the next level and offering branded food products, clothing, cooking tools and groceries to their customers. Effective merchandising will offer restaurants yet another income source, strong marketing, and a way to stay in the game as the industry adapts to a new way of delivering hospitality.

Killer Merch + Online Shops:

From Fine Dining to Delivery

At Home restaurant kit box of fine dining London chef meal to enjoy at home.

Old news for some, and a whole new operation for others. Fine dining restaurants have made overnight changes to their complicated menus, organised branded packaging for reliable transport, introduced user-friendly ordering methods, and contactless delivery protocols. While the newly introduced operations have proven challenging and miles away from the experience once offered at the restaurants, the opportunity for sales and re-hiring of staff presents itself as a win-win for restaurants, employees, and consumers. Meal Kits, Heat-to-Eat, and (Enter Restaurant Name Here)-At-Home concepts have been the best new thing since traditional take-out with restaurants deconstructing their favourite dishes, packaging the ingredients with instructions, and delivering them to their customers. With more time spent at home, these establishments offer both the inside scoop on their staples and an activity to bring people together over a meal; the very core of hospitality itself.

Restaurants that are killing it

...and that you should support:


Chef Monica Galetti cookbook homecooking recipes from Mere Restaurant in London. Photography by Food Story Media.

With a few extra moments on their hands, chefs can take advantage and share their stories and recipes through a medium that'll never go out of style: yep, books. And while we love a hardcover as much as the next person, the benefits of e-books take the trophy when it comes to sustainability, searchability, portability, and costability (that’s not a real word, but let’s run with it.) With more and more self-confessed foodies looking to cook up restaurant-quality food, and some just getting familiar around the kitchen, chefs are increasingly relinquishing the secrets to their success through a book to call their own. If you're keen to head down the digital route, the good news is the publishing process is free! Learn more about self-publishing here.

Some of our favourites:

- FSM Team Stay Extraordinary

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