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4 Ways To Keep Your Restaurant Alive Through Another Lockdown

Updated: Jan 4

Front of house service staff preparing dining tables at London Michelin star restaurant.

Hospitality: the industry of evolution, innovation, and change.

One that satisfies the core needs of human existence (if we’re being philosophical),

directly impacts the economic health of every postcode (feel free to fact check us on that), and one that’s still facing one hell of a challenge: 'The Rona’.

Amidst the closing, re-opening and closing again, we’ve been inspired by the industry’s quick-witted, rapid approach to shift their business models and create new streams of revenue to keep the wheels turning for their restaurants and brands. After all, they say ‘necessity is the mother of innovation.’

Faced with continuously unclear government guidance for our industry, it looks like it's time to explore other opportunities to keep business ticking over in the case of future closure. Keep reading for some inspiration.


With Zoom being the saviour of connection, chefs can now offer their gastronomy knowledge in more ways than just a memorable meal. Private masterclasses delivered by the chefs themselves in both group and private settings have had massive success, and with good reason. As yet another way to connect with their clients and fans, chefs are taking the opportunity to broaden their income outlets and make a footprint on the newly innovated digital approach to hospitality while humanising the experience with their personal presence.

Where to learn a thing or two:

From ‘MasterClass’

- Alice Waters, ‘The Art of Home Cooking’

- Thomas Keller, ‘Cooking Techniques I: Vegetables, Pasta, and Eggs’ +

- ‘Cooking Techniques II: Meats, Stocks, and Sauces’

- Massimo Bottura, ‘Modern Italian Cooking’