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Legendary Women in Hospitality

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

There’s little we love more than seeing women crushing it in the restaurant world and, while we applaud the successes of our industry heroines on the daily, we certainly won’t pass up an opportunity to raise a glass in their honour for International Women’s Day. To celebrate the occasion, we’re sharing the inspiring stories of several ladies who are changing/have changed the hospitality game and made a lasting mark on our industry for the greater good of generations to come. Here's to you, gals!

Clare Smyth

“I stood shoulder to shoulder with men in the toughest kitchens in the world and excelled and loved it. So to separate [male from female chefs] for me is strange, but we don’t see enough women coming through at the top and we need to do something about it.”

A lady very close to our hearts at FSM, it’s not difficult to see why Clare features in our hit list. Hailing from Northern Ireland and growing up on a farm which first ignited her passion for food and nature, she is now an internationally renowned chef celebrating the recent achievement of her third Michelin star at Core in Notting Hill - the first female in the UK to receive this accolade, may we add. Her uncompromising dedication to her craft has earned her countless awards including the title of The World’s Best Female Chef in 2018 and Chef of the Year at the 2019 National Restaurant Awards.

📍 Core by Clare Smyth

💻 www.claresmyth.com

📸 @chefclaresmyth

Fun fact: Clare is soon to open her own restaurant in Sydney, having been inspired by her time Down Under at the start of her career. The concept will draw inspiration from Core, but with a strong focus on the best local produce over there. #WatchThisSpace

Hélène Darroze