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How to: Write Better Captions

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

videography, branding, social media, photography, website

Ah! The perfect Instagram caption. So simple yet so complex. The art of captioning your photos on your business page all comes down to balance within balance. Your business is a (hopefully smooth) running machine, made of many different gears that all have to work with each other and serve a purpose. If you’re like us and our clients, Instagram is your number one way of communicating to your audience and while imagery is the main enticement, your captions play a more technical part in the process and further emphasize that same imagery and help tell your brand story. Here are some tips to add some extra oomph with your captions.

videography, branding, social media, photography, website


Develop a template of what you’re always talking about. And stick to it. Variety is welcomed, but structured variety reduces messy communication. Decide what’s most important for you to shout about and break it up into (maximum 5) topics. For Example, a restaurant would talk about : Food, Heritage, Ethos, Suppliers

videography, branding, social media, photography, website


Your language can vary depending on the topics, but using consistent tones will help develop your brand personality. Having a good understanding of your audience is a great tool for connecting and “speaking their language”, while taking into consideration how you might be perceived when speaking a certain way. Developing a chart of 10 words that relate to your brand and using them along with associative terms in your language style is a huge help when you’re stuck. A good starting point is understanding what type of language personalities there are.

Simple Language

Uses common words that are easy to understand for anyone reading and avoids industry “lingo”.