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How To: Write a Great Restaurant Newsletter

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Food Story Media newsletter strategy planning 2021

Hubspot Email Newsletter Statistics Infographic 2021

In a world taken over by social media, the humble email newsletter may have been left on the shelf and deemed outdated or ineffective, but that’s where you’re going wrong.

The potential reach of email beasts all other platforms by a long shot. To put it into perspective, can you think of anyone you know who doesn’t have an email account which they check daily? Maybe even hourly?!

The stats from this year tell us that over 4 billion people around the world are using email everyday, and experts are expecting that to soar up to 4.48 billion in the next three years. On top of that, a massive 70% of professionals now use email to share content related to their company or industry.

[Source: Kinsta, 2021].

It’s a no-brainer.

We need to start taking email marketing more seriously. But the real question is...

How do you stand out within a crowded inbox?

The competition for attention is fiercer than ever, and we’re here to help share our own tips and tricks to create a newsletter that people want to open and gain great value from. Whether you’re a restaurant, a digital media company or a flower shop; the approach to building and executing your newsletter remains the same. So Listen Up!

#1 Project Plan

Typewriter and Laptop for newsletter 2021

Step One

Identify + build your audience