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Goals... not resolutions.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

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5 Questions to get you started.

Resolutions are great. They’re firm decisions to do or not do something. So we guess we have, in fact, set a resolution: achieving our goals. Don’t take this the wrong way; your healthy eating, soul searching, no nonsense taking, loving thyself, resolutions are a great starting point. But the thing is, resolutions are the grand result of the journey. They limit your perspective to “The Grand Reveal” rather than give you a purpose to form a plan that will achieve said resolution.

In a nutshell, a resolution is an idea of the result you want to achieve. An idea with a schedule, timeline or plan, becomes a goal.

We’ve had a hard think about our goals for 2020. A new decade just began and all that we achieve within the next 10 years will be a part of our growth “This past decade” in 2030! The pressure is on.. because we’d like to think there’s plenty to do in 10 years-time.

Before we set our goals, we asked ourselves five questions which act as the foundation of all that we want to achieve. Here they are:

videography, branding, social media, photography, website

...We believe that it’s the root of everything. If you’re not feeling well, you’re not growing well. Taking care of physical and mental health is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

videography, branding, social media, photography, website

Have you actually taken all the feedback you’ve received into consideration?

You may have heard…but did you listen?