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5 Ways To Support Hospitality

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

How Hospitality Contributes

As our industry evolves and adjusts, it's important to remember that difficult times often reveal the things we may have overlooked. These very important moments inspire change, support and innovation. As the holes in the ship reveal themselves, it's important to make our voices heard and create collective change. An industry that employs 3.2 million people in the UK *directly, and another 2.6 million *indirectly, deserves community and government support.

Editors Note: As a reference, FSM is indirectly employed by the hospitality industry. So are farmers, wholesalers, designers, brewers, drivers, contractors... the list goes on and on. We're not just talking chefs and bartenders. We're talking about 5.8 million people.

We've compiled a list of current hospitality support campaigns and outlets in the UK. Please support how you can.

How You Can contribute

Enjoy our craft

At the core of it all, the biggest support to hospitality would be to simply experience and enjoy it. Continue getting your morning coffee from the local bakery, enjoying an evening dining with your loved ones, and ordering in when there's no time to make dinner. Those who work in hospitality are passionate and we promise they're always happy to see you.

Legal Structure

As the UK seeks to encourage investment & tourism back to the UK in the coming years, the vision that the UK hospitality industry portrays of the UK is excellence, innovation, and inspiration. Hospitality needs a Minister who can listen to concerns on taxation/legislation and bring forward suggestions to the chancellor and policy-makers on our behalf.

Sign the Petition to create a Minister for Hospitality in the UK Government.

Chipping In

Heston Blumenthals 'Invisible Chips' campaign offers a simple way to help people in hospitality whose livelihoods are disappearing. We also hear that invisible drones can deliver these invisible chips if you're not very patient. Don't forget the add some 'Oh La La Saucy Sauce' on the side. Browse the menu here.

Social Media

As a wonderful place to connect and make your voice heard - sharing, liking and reposting important updates will help spread the message. Show your industry peers support by liking, commenting, and following their pages. Digital noise is very loud - and it can make a big difference. We would know.

Bangs the Pots + Shake the Shakers.

HospoDemo is a new support outlet organizing peaceful (but noisy!) protests in Parliament Square to urge the government to revise its policies relating to hospitality restrictions as well as financial support. They encourage all attendees to bring something hospitality-related to

'Make Some Noise', e.g pots, pans, ladles, cocktail shakers, wooden spoons, gongs, etc. and to wear your work uniforms.

Their support is for everyone connected to hospitality, including chefs, restaurateurs, operators, owners, GMs, sommeliers, wait staff, bartenders, managers, KPs, publicans, caterers, producers, suppliers, PRs, buyers, hoteliers, baristas, marketing teams, events teams, cleaning staff, writers, publishers...the list goes on. Keep an eye out on their website and social media pages for updates on any upcoming protests and show up! (Please remember to practice all safety measures).

Additional Resources:

Big love,

Food Story Media.

- FSM Team Stay Extraordinary

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