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Our Story

Founded in 2018, Food Story Media is a one-stop digital media company working with extraordinary people and brands that look to create and share a powerful message to excel within the food and beverage industry. Specialising in bespoke and story-driven brand development through photography, cinematography, branding, copywriting, and social media management, Food Story Media strives to be extraordinary in all forms of media while maintaining integrity with every story told. 

Nathan Snoddon comes from a Chef background with over a decade of experience within the hospitality industry, and has interned through 24 Michelin Stars worldwide. This insight gave a deep understanding of what makes a memorable brand, and enables Food Story Media to relate with and understand the story through the eyes of our clients while giving a voice and narrative to communicate to their digital audience.



“The best stories told are by those who have lived them”.

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Our Clients

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