About  Us

Food Story Media is a digital media company specializing in photography, videography and social media management for the food and beverage industry.


We aim to represent our industry in its purest form. Our approach to digital media is expressive, intricate and undeniably raw. We’re capturing the visions, journeys and moments of the brands we work with as well as the people within them. The base to building brand awareness starts with revealing the true passions of our clients’ craft and continues by telling the story of where it takes them.


Food Story Media’s foundations stem from authentic experience, beginning with Chef and founder, Nathan Snoddon. His approach to media holds a particular angle by being able to connect and understand “the day in the life” of chefs and restaurants. He believes good stories are told by those who have been a part of them.



Our Story

“Our story stems from passion, and

our passions lie in telling stories of

extraordinary people.”